Tips for Growing Your Small Business

posted 5 years ago
tips for growing your small business

You’ve finally established yourself with the title of Entrepreneur. You’ve gotten your small business off of the ground and are ready to see it expand. Here are some tips and tools on how to move your small business into the big leagues.

Target Audience

What message are you looking to implement into your brand? You’ll want your brand to have a strong message that captures your audience. Making sure that you and your employees get behind your brand is essential. The greatest message can be unsuccessful if it doesn’t resonate with audiences. It is always important to establish an emotional connection with your audience so that they are attracted to everything your business has to offer. Always look for the WHY: WHY are you in this business? And WHY do people want you (and your business) in their life?


Once you’ve found your target audience and are ready to connect to them, you may want to find ways to reach them. Networking is necessary to open up various channels to reach your audience on a broader level.

Look for area events where your product might be well received and do your research on prospective contacts. Establish an attainable goal for the number of quality contacts you’d like to meet and be prepared to follow up with them. You will want to follow up with them no more than 48 hours after your initial meeting, so a good number to start with is five. Be careful not to overdo it and keep the number manageable.


Keep Up With The Times

Technology is forever changing, so it is important to be aware of the technology available to you and take the necessary steps to implement it into your small business. Once you’ve established a solid ground for your business, you’ll want to remove the training wheels so it can soar.

Maintain Low-Level Stress

Being a new business owner can be stressful. Many small business owners also maintain full or part-time jobs. The stress of a new business can build up over time. An overworked entrepreneur can sabotage their own business by sacrificing quality. It may be wise also to invest in some de-stressing techniques such as personal or professional life coaching.

GoFocus provides:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Business/Professional Coaching

You can choose the style of coaching to fit your needs and feel confident that with our coaching the individual comes first. We will give you support in growing your small business while implementing techniques to help you maintain a low-stress life so that you can meet the demands of today’s fast growing world.

5 years ago