The Steps To Forming Goals You’ll Be Able To Hit

posted 4 years ago
The Steps To Forming Goals You’ll Be Able To Hit

Goals are achievements we want to make for ourselves, and whether in life or in business, there is a great method to forming and setting goals you can hit. A goal can be viewed as an endpoint or a milestone on a journey, and no matter what type of goal you’re looking to set for yourself, this is what I work on with many of my clients at Go-Focus.

The first step to forming your goal will be getting to know a little bit more about yourself. Looking within yourself and seeing what you really want, what you’re really made of, and what you can accomplish can make setting and hitting these goals much easier, as you gain a better perspective on where you are and where you want to go. If you find yourself having trouble really getting to know yourself, Points of You-The Coaching Game can be a great help! 

Next, you’ll want to write your goals down. There is something “official” about putting it on paper that can solidify it in your mind and remind you just how important your goal may be. Along with the goal you want to reach, give yourself a start date to begin working towards this goal, an end date of when you wish to reach it by, and any milestones you may want to hit while working towards your destination.

During the course of your journey, you’ll want to revisit that little piece of paper you have with your goals written on it, so keep this in a safe place for further use. As you are working towards your goal, you may notice that you need to revise your goal or set better deadlines for yourself, and this is something you shouldn’t feel negatively about. During the beginning, you may not have realized every little thing the goal would entail, so it’s important to be open and realistic if you plan to reach success. 

As you accomplish your goals, you can then set new goals for the future, and use this method as an excellent form of personal and professional growth. By setting goals, experiencing the work, and keeping your goals within the realm of realism, you can see just what you’re capable of in terms of pushing yourself on the way to success.

Always remember that the journey you take to reach your goal is just as important as the success of making it there!

4 years ago