The Process Of Gaining Clarity

posted 5 years ago

It is a common aspect of human development for individuals to face times when answers appear unknown. The result is often a sense of feeling lost and lacking direction, although many people will also still have a sense that there is some purpose which needs to be found. For some individuals, this may feel like a bleak obstacle, that can neither be seen nor overcome, while others may feel as though they are able to see a direction, but only as though through a haze.

If any of these emotions are something that you have experienced, then you should be congratulated, because it means that you are human.

Facing challenges and considering change is a part of the social condition, and it is also very natural. What happens, however, is that feelings of lack of worth or even embarrassment will cause individuals to avoid addressing these concerns. In truth, as many as half the people you encounter in your day could be experiencing these same doubts, but people are prone to hiding these inner aspects of self.


Breaking Through Barriers and Gaining Clarity


This behavior of sublimation is one that we frequently encounter at Go-Focus, and is also one of the greater benefits that life coaching can offer. It should also be understood that some of the disassociation from the unpleasant feelings and lack of purpose is also a subconscious defense mechanism. This is because people become so used to hiding their inner turmoil that they will trend towards reaction without thought.

However, life coaching also gives people a safe place in which to explore these feelings and to begin working through solutions. By opening up and moving through the fear, many individuals find that this release can allow purpose to become more clear. In letting go of fear, a person is also able to finally open up to possibilities.

The process of finding purpose and clarity will always be a personal one, but many tools can also help to trigger insight, regardless of the root cause of obstruction. The Points of You Game is one such resource that can tap into the inner spirit and allow for a re-emergence of self. By utilizing subtle triggers and introspection, the images and phrase cards of the game can facilitate a person in unlocking that vibrant being that knows change is beneficial, and longs for empowered transformation.

Truly, the first step to breaking through the barriers of fear is the willingness to admit that change is desired. In this respect, life coaching can also provide guidance along this path. The result is that personal growth becomes a foundation for all other factors in life, including happiness, family, and even career.

5 years ago