Opening Doors By Discovering What Is Within You With The Points Of You Game

posted 5 years ago
Opening Doors By Discovering What Is Within You With The Points Of View Game

Even people who have been following a successful path, can experience times when they wonder if they are really making all the right decisions. This is normal. For many questioning themselves is a reaction when the appearance of achievement is not always the same as the feelings that are within.

The truth is that everyone has a tendency to ascribe happiness and fulfillment to outside factors. And these feelings can occur about anything, from family to career, but as long as internal joy is still rated as an aspect of outside situations, there is then possibility to experience a feeling of being disconnected. What eventually happens is a period of self questioning.

At Go Focus, many clients find that they need to move through this type of self examination in order to truly find fulfillment.

  • Is this what I really want?
  • Who am I on the inside?
  • How can I lift my perspective to the next level?
  • Is my business really my life?
  • What am I actually doing?

Self questioning is actually a very positive approach to life, because it opens the door to (self) reflection and this is the first step for inner and outer growth. By daring to ask these questions and honestly searching for the answers, people are able to find a greater connection to who they really are on the inside, and this is opening the door to finding real happiness.

Understanding Connection And Dependence

As a life coach, I help guide my clients through this journey, also because the process of self reflection sometimes has its challenges. Mirroring with your life coach often reveals answers we couldn’t see ourselves, by ourself. The mirroring helps to show that outside situations can bring feelings of achievement and success, but it can also be important to understand that they are not the source. Generating a healthy understanding of the difference between finding connection or being dependent on an outside event can make an impact upon experiencing real success.

Part of exploring these questions and connections can arise from delving into parts of the personality that have become lost within the routines of everyday responsibility. We often use the Points of You Game to help raise inner awareness, by using the photo cards and words/themes and ask clients to connect these to the topics they want to explore. As a result, clients are able to gain a better relationship with their inner self, which also leads to a better relationship with the surrounding world.

The real insight is often that that the motivation, drive, and joyfulness for any achievement comes from an acknowledgement for one’s own abilities and to celebrate the effort and not just the outcome. While outside conditions can contribute to happiness, they are not the true source. As individuals embrace this awareness, they are also able to embrace the concept that anything may be possible, and this opens up doors to new opportunities.

5 years ago