As In Life, So In Business, Unique we are.

posted 6 years ago

Small business owners can hold immense excitement about starting out on the entrepreneurial journey. This career choice can have unlimited potential and can also offer a sense of freedom that is based on the ability to truly do what one loves. While most owners are aware of the fact that it can take a transition period after starting the new company to actually see any growth, there is also a point at which owners can begin to question whether there is a more effective way to expand the company.

At Go Focus, we often see business start ups that are struggling to find their rhythm. What is most important to note is that the frustration over lack of business growth can also linked to personal growth. Even though the entrepreneur is now in charge of their own potential, they may still be mentally operating in the same way as they did when they were employed by someone else.

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We are all UNIQUE

It is necessary to understand that over the course of a lifetime, everyone generates mental constructs of the world, which are based on past experiences. Although the formative event may be in the past, the perception that is generated does affect the present and the future. This is because these beliefs have now become the way that a person interacts with the rest of the world, and these behaviors influence the way that others re-act in return.

Many of these mental constructs can also be very limiting. Just because a person has taken the action to head in a new direction does not always mean that they fully believe in this new direction. This does not mean that the choice is not what they want, but it can mean that the person is not entirely committed to the idea that they deserve what they want.

One of the highly beneficial things that life coaching can offer is the outlet to examine these beliefs and reform them into positive thought constructs. A beneficial tool that can be used both for personal exploration and for building a healthy company culture is the Points Of You Game. This resource offers the chance to interact with self on a deeper level and to uncover hidden motivations and associations that can raise personal awareness.

By raising this awareness, owners often find that they are able to uncover new ways to grow a business. This occurs when personal and professional goals are both balanced and resonate with one another. The result is that the entirety of a person’s being is now able to commit to the journey of progress.

6 years ago