What will and will not Personal Coaches do?

True Life Coaches will…

  • Ask you questions about you to get you to open up and reveal things about yourself you might have never revealed to anyone, including yourself.
  • Listen intently to what you say and do not say.
  • Reflect back to you the inner passions, values, priorities, talents and obstacles in a clear and objective manner.
  • Hold you accountable to your own chosen goals and actions.
  • Keep everything you say in the strictest confidence.
  • Protect your privacy to the fullest.
  • Keep you on track until you achieve your coach-able goals.

True Life Coaches won’t…

  • Tell you what to do or not do.
  • Give you unasked advice of what you should or should not do.
  • Sell or manipulate you to their agendas.
  • Bring up the past or allow you to bring up the past.
  • Judge you.
  • Evaluate you.
  • Criticize you
  • Assess you.
  • Make you feel guilty for any reason at all.