What sort of areas do you Coach?

I’ll coach you on any area that you choose to work on. Your life, your decisions, your coaching.

Purely by my own Life Experience I have a strong connection to:

  • Entrepreneurs & small business owners
  • Business Coaching & Career Changes
  • Expat environment and challenges
  • Rediscovering and/or redefining yourself

But, believe me; I can coach you in any area you choose to work on. The coaching principle is based on the fact that the coachee holds the steering wheel and stays in control of their life. The coach is trained to ask the questions that will enhance new awareness, create new possibilities and open new roads for action.

I think it will give you a nice idea of the possibilities of coaching if you have a glimpse of some reoccurring goals of other coachees:

  • Business
    Increase profitability, Time management and prioritization, reduce work hours, get organized, improve reaction to problems, attract better customers, automate your business, create a professional network, start a business, grow a business, expand a business, sell your business…
  • Quality of life
    Work-life balance, reduce stress, have fun,  take more vacations, Motivation and dealing with procrastination,  improve lifestyle, upgrade community, do what you really want, confidence and self-esteem,  move towards your vision, be present during family time, enjoy life…
  • Money
    Spend less, make more, save more, manage better, become financially independent, eliminate financial ups/downs, be at choice in life, be in control of your money instead of the other way around..
  • Career
    Change careers, Time management and prioritization, get promoted, reduce work hours, confidence and self-esteem, work with respected people, Stress reduction and resilience, reduce commute, manage stress, Motivation and dealing with procrastination, engage in meaningful work…
  • Relationship/Communication
    Listen better, influence others, model and lead by example, become an attraction magnet (inside & outside), articulate better, get along better…
  • Problem solving
    Make decisions, recover from mistakes, make big changes, learn lessons the first time, become less attached to outcome of problems, stop taking things personally