How Can You Decide What To Focus On In Life Coaching?

posted 6 years ago

In truly effective life coaching, you are the expert on you. The coach is a facilitator, someone who helps you combine two important visions of yourself:

— A clear perspective of where you are right now. — An invigorating perspective on where you want to be. It often takes until there is a third-party out there, someone we can trust, before we can take stock of where we are standing in life. This is true of even the most motivated and successful people, because we become focused on goals and may have difficulty reflecting. Remember, “with one eye on the destination, there is only one eye left with which to find the way.” Life coaching helps you see where you are and where you’re going, so the path between the two can be rebuilt in the image of your dreams.

Coaching Can Help You Wherever You Feel You Are Stagnating

It isn’t a life coach’s role to say how you should change. You have a powerful intuition within you that provides you with every tool you need to make that decision. However, you do need to decide, and verify within yourself, what you wish to change first. Each person has infinite potential. When our potential is stifled or frustrated, we begin to feel it with various negative emotions. Over a long period of time, anxiety or upset can conceal the fact that we have the power to alter our environment. When deciding what to focus on in coaching, consider the places in your life where you feel unexpressed potential. Your career? Your entrepreneurship? Your personal well-being? Your ability to manifest positive change in your life?

Listen To Your Inner Wisdom

Somewhere, there is a worry — something that isn’t as it should be. Imagine with the full power of your “mind’s eye” what your life would be like and what you would achieve if the issue that is worrying you was turned upside down, into something that facilitated the full use of your talents. We often have many appealing goals or starting points, so take each one of these and “turn them upside down” one at a time. Imagine how your life would be different if this factor completely changed. Which starting point is most compelling for you? When you’ve found the starting point that resonates with you, then you are ready to begin the life coaching journey. Call or email Go Focus to find out more about how we can partner to develop your desires into actualized strengths. For a potent exercise in exploring other points of view that you can use right now, visit this page. 

6 years ago