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“Anouk helps you to grow and flourish. She helped to see my qualities, discover my weaknesses and get to know my true self. I learned how to accept myself, the great and the less great. This allowed me to live a different life, both at work and in my private life. I can highly recommend working with Anouk if you would like to get more out of your life but don’t know how to. She will help you reach the goals you have established. She is such an inspirational woman.”

Marion van Thijn  | Manager office / PA to Lars Boering at World Press Photo

Anouk Boering of Go Focus couldn’t have chosen a better name for her coaching business. If – like me – focus is what you need to reach your goals, then that is exactly what Anouk will offer you. Within the first few coaching sessions Anouk helped me to clearly see the long term goals and what is needed to get me and my business there faster than I could ever do on my own. Without feeling overwhelmed and incorporating a better work-life balance at the same time too! It isn’t easy. It’s hard work and Anouk will challenge you when and where it’s needed but always in a very uplifting and positive way that makes you want to change things and get things done. Anouk has also offered me exceptional, life changing tools to work with. If you are looking for ways to improve your life or your business but are not sure if coaching is right for you, give Anouk a call! “

Shirley Tol  | Founder & Director at Shizo Natural Cosmetics -

“Anouk, your coaching style includes an amazing balance of compassion and directness. Thank you for your ongoing challenges!”


I wondered if coaching would really add value. After all, I’m a successful business person so starting my own company should not be so hard, I was thinking. But after a few years and a couple of ‘non-starts’ I knew I needed help or I would once again drop a project at that crucial moment of committing. From day one I loved how straight to the point Anouk was! I made the decision to invest 6 months into myself right from the start. We got straight to work and started mapping out my plans into doable bits and organizing them in a logical way towards my goal. In exactly 6 months as planned, I (we!) hit the goal! I was skeptical in the beginning that it would be possible, but taking one step at a time, staying focused and committed with Anouk coaching, my dream became a reality! There is still work to be done. But I can take what I learned from working with Anouk and build further! I can’t think of a better investment in myself and my business and was glad to write this testimonial for Go Focus and Anouk Boering!

Alla Feldman  | Co-Founder

‘If focus is what you need and clear mind to get things done, then Anouk is your woman. She asked the right questions to keep me going and see what I already knew, but couldn’t see myself at first. By being positive, flexible, inspiring, energizing and really listening to your words, she gives you all the attention you and your business need to grow. After every session with Go-Focus I had increased energy and always left with new ideas and inspiration.’


Mariëlla  | Eigen Vintage'

“I had never tried coaching before and as I am a person that is usually quite determined- I was not sure it would be a useful tool. But I am SO glad I decided to try. Anouk helped me to first find the clarity I needed to put a structure in place to reach my goals. I have found that I no longer need to survive solely upon willpower and adrenaline because I know what my long term goals are… and then the short term objectives become clear too.

I highly recommend coaching as a life tool and above and beyond I highly recommend Anouk as a wonderful life coach who is the right blend of objectivity, caring, and clarity herself! “

Debbie Oakes  | Editor, writer, photographer

“Very calm presence – you have the gift of getting to the “heart of the matter.”


“I had that pleasure to have Anouk Boering as a career and life coach.”

“Anouk’s enthusiasm and expertise in her field are unique. Her coaching enabled me to see solutions and ways of doing things that have inspired and motivated to go beyond the limits. Her direct yet compassionate approach is very effective. Anouk has amazing ability to identify, analyze, and synthesize issues into a coherent picture of the future that is both inspiring and energizing. She is a fabulous coach with a real knack for helping others develop skills and tools they need to be successful in both their personal and professional lives.”


Svetlana Zivcevska-Zdraveska  | IBM