Anouk  |  About

Although I am originally from The Netherlands I have called many places home since leaving in 1997 for an expat existence. My first international experience was in Saudi Arabia, there after Bahrain, then Denmark, The United Kingdom and last, but surely not least, I lived in Bangkok, Thailand. Now I have returned to my home town, Amsterdam.

Before moving abroad I worked in various Sales and Marketing jobs in the publishing industry after my study in Communications. While overseas I worked a variety of jobs in most countries I lived in. Until I realized I had become really good in starting over (and over again), but was looking for more continuation in my life. When I took the time to discover what really drove me Coaching came into my life, and it never left, and it never will. Now I work for companies that ask me to take their employees to the next level, entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses and people gaining control over their life.

Being a personal coach is my CALLING. Coaching is not my ‘just’ my profession, it’s who I am.

My VISION is that eventually working with your own personal coach is a No-Brainer.

My MISSION is to help as many clients live life to their full potential.

My PURPOSE: If I can bring to others what coaching has brought me (both professionally and personally), I’ll be living a happy and fulfilling life.

I BELIEVE my coachees are smart, healthy, and whole; you know what’s best for you.

So, here I am.

  • I strive to be your partner.
  • I shall guide you along the path of professional and personal discovery.
  • I am here to assist you in finding where you want get to or be in life.
  • I will guide you to that point in the most effective and efficient way.
  • I will support you when you stumble upon roadblocks and help you deal with them
  • I will ensure you continue to move forward in the direction of your goal
  • I will celebrate your victories with you.